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In Dive, the poem’s surface divides and extends to interrogate the molten sounds and distances cohabitating the ecological realm in our time of environmental crisis. Written through a contemplative praxis of research, semiotics, and field study on the banks of the Pascagoula, Dive considers the river as an alchemical site of multiplicity, memory, and translation.


River’s sun-burnished gold, pink of deer’s tongue drinking water, all are found, again and again, in the “open expanse of longing” of Corinne Dekker’s poems, where perception comes so pure and immediate, it turns into myth. And as in deepest myth, transformation’s magic is at work. Here, metamorphosis isn’t a god’s violent force, but is the inmost possibility of our most creaturely selves. She slows us, and so shows us, a way back to our “deer place,” our animal being, and so doing, returns us to the gifted reciprocity of being in the world.

    - Dan Beachy-Quick


Through stunning language and resolute command of imagery, Corinne Dekkers’ Dive examines our relationship to the natural world like a river moving through land. In each reading of this powerful collection, I find myself stepping into a different world, changed through the “pleasure of pressing water” and “another river / within the body / of the river”.  Dekkers suggests memory, like nature, is a force beyond understanding, a thread that always moves mysteriously to its source.

    - Adam Clay


In Dive a riverbed widens to become the ultimate acoustic enclosure, its golden, gravitational waves begin to dictate a fleeting dance between the tongue and the syllable. Only alchemy could explain turning temples of language into tangible light. An achingly beautiful debut.

    - Cedar Sigo

Dive is a song of entanglement “itself a recoiling and a coiling” of the river, and the (human) animals that encounter it; in this beautiful meditative sequence, Dekkers writes a sounding of the porousness of the material world, and the tenuousness of the surface even when it is “sun scorch and ground.” Written through the sustained research practice of meditating on the banks of the Pascagoula river, Dive brings us––through its intricately made verses––“toward a new orientation” of the phenomenon (feeling & mind) of being a body in time and space: a river, a poem.

    - Jeffrey Pethybridge